Footage of the legacy that was Spring Break 2012

As hindsight is 20/20, I might even submit to you that its 20/10, it would’ve been great to do more live interviews and capture moments on “film.”  Regardless, this is still fun to watch and shows off two things:  Matt’s cinematic abilities whilst driving a moped and Rich’s innate ability to cut footage and make you feel like you were right there with us.  It also proves that Ericka doesn’t always crash two-wheeled driving machines.

Video From Spring Break 2012!!

Quotes from the Carribean

Sometimes you just have to log the funniness that happens between friends.  Please find below, some of the hilarious, sometimes delirious, statements made on the week long trip {…}

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Spring Break 2012: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Three Besties

Spring break 2012!


Captains log: March 24

Dear Diary!

We pulled up to Ericka’s place, after picking Matt up, to Jenna waiting ever so patiently in her car.  And by patiently, we were an hour late.  We grabbed our bags and {…} Continue reading